Mutual Funds

Sophisticated options and commodities traders are well aware of the high-risks and high-rewards inherent in these products. They know that to be successful you need access to the most current research and reporting available and a firm with global reach to assist you throughout the trading process. Middlegate Securities' clients can depend on us for all their pre-trade, trade and post-trade requirements. We possess the latest technological means to secure direct electronic connection to the CBOE, AMEX, Philadelphia and all other regional option exchanges. We take your investment choices as seriously as you do by providing innovative strategies designed to lessen risk and maximize possibilities in every aspect of your financial life.

Listed Options

We have direct electronic and telephone access to the CBOE, AMEX, Philadelphia and all other regional option exchanges. Our expertise helps our clients devise profitable trading and spread strategies.

Securities and Exchange Commission Exchange Act Rule 606 (formally 11 AC 1-6)

In November 2000, the SEC adopted Exchange Act Rule 606 (formally 11AC 1-6). This rule states that all broker-dealers routing nondirected orders in equity and option securities must make the following information available to the general public. For further information on Order Routing Disclosure, Please see one of the following links:

SEC Rule 11Ac1-6, Quarterly Reports

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